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Adrian CHIFU
21 Nov 2020

Predicting Contradiction Intensity: Low, Strong or Very Strong?

Reviews on web resources (e.g. courses, movies) become increasingly exploited in text analysis tasks (e.g. opinion detection, controversy detection). This paper investigates contradiction intensity in reviews exploiting different features such as variation of ratings and variation of polarities around specific entities (e.g. aspects, topics). Firstly, aspects are identified according to the distributions of the emotional terms in the vicinity of the most frequent nouns in the reviews collection. Secondly, the polarity of each review segment containing an aspect is estimated. Only resources containing these aspects with opposite polarities are considered. Finally, some features are evaluated, using feature selection algorithms, to determine their impact on the effectiveness of contradiction intensity detection. The selected features are used to learn some state-of-the-art learning approaches. The experiments are conducted on the Massive Open Online Courses data set containing 2244 courses and their 73,873 reviews, collected from coursera.org. Results showed that variation of ratings, variation of polarities, and reviews quantity are the best predictors of contradiction intensity. Also, J48 was the most effective learning approach for this type of classification.


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