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Adrian CHIFU
13 Apr 2021

Accepted Article @IJCNN2021

Our article entitled “FreSaDa: A French Satire Data Set for Cross-Domain Satire Detection” has been accepted @IJCNN2021.

Check it out here: https://arxiv.org/abs/2104.04828

Authors: Radu-Tudor Ionescu & Adrian-Gabriel Chifu


In this paper, we introduce FreSaDa, a French Satire Data Set, which is composed of 11,570 articles from the news domain. In order to avoid reporting unreasonably high accuracy rates due to the learning of characteristics specific to publication sources, we divided our samples into training, validation and test, such that the training publication sources are distinct from the validation and test publication sources. This gives rise to a cross-domain (cross-source) satire detection task. We employ two classification methods as baselines for our new data set, one based on low-level features (character n-grams) and one based on high-level features (average of CamemBERT word embeddings). As an additional contribution, we present an unsupervised domain adaptation method based on regarding the pairwise similarities (given by the dot product) between the training samples and the validation samples as features. By including these domain-specific features, we attain significant improvements for both character n-grams and CamemBERT embeddings.


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