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Adrian CHIFU
13 Apr 2021

Accepted Article @IJCNN2021

Our article entitled “FreSaDa: A French Satire Data Set for Cross-Domain Satire Detection” has been accepted @IJCNN2021. Check it out here: https://arxiv.org/abs/2104.04828 Authors: Radu-Tudor Ionescu & Adrian-Gabriel Chifu Abstract: In this paper, we introduce FreSaDa, a French Satire Data Set, which is composed of 11,570 articles from the news domain. In order to avoid reporting […]

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01 Sep 2020

Starting with this academic year, I am the responsible for the I2D Master 2 @MIAGE (FEG – AMU): https://formations.univ-amu.fr/ME5BIG-PRBIG5AA.html For more information about MIAGE, please visit https://miage-aix-marseille.fr

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